Eunice S. Wang, MD, Daniel Pollyea, MD, MS, and Naval Daver, MD

In this episode, “Targeted Agents for AML”, Eunice S. Wang, MD, Daniel Pollyea, MD, MS and Naval Daver, MD discuss state-of-the-art treatment for AML. The therapeutic landscape for AML has recently changed with the advent of new therapies. Approved targeted therapies include midostaurin (FLT3 inhibitor), isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) inhibitors enasidenib and ivosidenib, and venetoclax (BCL-2 inhibitor)-based combinations. These advances and others have substantially altered treatment guidelines for AML and, for the first time, provide the means to individualize therapy for some patients. Ongoing research includes strategies to manage relapse/resistance, and how best to combine and sequence therapies to improve outcomes.

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