Ching-Hon Pui, MD, Elias Jabbour, MD, and Dieter Hoelzer, MD, PhD

In this segment, “Optimizing CAR-T and Immune Therapies in ALL”, Ching-Hon Pui, MD, Elias Jabbour, MD and Dieter Hoelzer, MD, PhD discuss state-of-the-art treatment and strategies for the future.

Recent introduction of antibody-based, CAR-T, and molecular targeted therapies has ushered in precision medicine for ALL, achieving very high survival rates in various patient subsets. Current research to maximize benefits of newer therapies seeks to: better define their roles in treating minimal residual disease (MRD), integrate new therapies with stem cell transplant, and validate effective sequencing in various settings. Opportunities for the future include replacing highly toxic multiagent combination chemotherapy and conventional transplantation with cellular- and immuno-therapy. A bright future is projected for these patients.

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